Still Walking


A modern work in the classic Haiku poetic form that is humorous, thought-provoking and unique.

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As in other books that Michael has written “Still Walking” exemplifies the necessity there is in our language for metaphors and comparisons.  The haiku and other poems in this book celebrate how much we can come to understand from their use. Of course, as with all writing and communications, the original scene or moment expressed in this book may not be clear until you query it. As you read more the lilt and dialogue of the words become more easily understood and the conversation with the poet becomes easier.

There is in “Still Walking” a sense of what is important and how easy the valuable is to collect on your walk or at work. A “Fit-bit” is not used.  The walks are not timed; they do not morph from stroll to jaunt to jog and finally to run. The route is not mapped; and other paths are not sought. A path, no matter where it might be, is an aside. It is beside the point of focus that humans are to have.  It is not where we go it is what we see and take in.

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Michael Schepers