Production Times & Delivery

 Production times are based on the following factors: the quantity, total pages and book design/layout. Larger quantities and page counts simply require more time to print and bind. Books designed with 4-colour inserts, require special paper or special finishing can add to the production time.


Standard Production Times

All times are measured from the date of approval of the final proof and will be established at the time you place your order. Unexpected delays can occur for which we cannot accept liability.

 Most books require a 10 day production time but this can vary based on the current work volume, the size of your order and any special production or finishing requirements. Very small quantities, 100 or less can commonly be completed within 5-8 days. Rush printing is available but usually requires a premium rate. Let us know if you require it quickly.


Payment Terms

A minimum of 50% of the estimate price must be paid prior to your job going into production. Unless you have established payment terms, the balance is due on receipt of your books.



We stand behind our product and want you to be happy with your purchase. Our warranty is limited to replacement of any unsatisfactory materials. We are not responsible for special or consequential damages including but not limited to lost profits or business.



Prices for printed jobs do not include shipping to your location. An estimate can be provided in advance at request. Delivery times are typically 3-4 days after completion of your job.