Bailey Baldassari

This is my first body of work and am I ever excited to share it. I originally come from the city, Milton to be specific and even from a young age I would find my way to escape. Whether I was snowshoeing with my dad, running to decompress or taking a breather on a hike on the series of trails and conservation parks that dotted the area. I even made it a point to pick a college as far away from civilization, plopped in the middle of a wooded area in case I needed to make a getaway to the tree line like my soul craved between classes and exams. I moved to Grey Bruce when I was 18 and was immediately captivated by the splendours that surrounded me. Each landmark enticing me to hear its history, the wrath of the waves in Kincardine’s harbour, the way the light would dance between the trees, the song the wind would play. With my first piece I wanted to capture these finding in a bottle and share a little fragment of how my mind sees the world for how it truly is, full of personality and wonder. I wanted to do this by putting a romantic spin to my words and giving each element its own personality and voice.

My hope dear readers is by reading my first book you catch a glimpse into my mind and see the world how I know it and how I feel it with my heart. Hopefully hitting pause and being thankful to find something so wonderful to call home.