I am Michael Schepers.  If I were to brag, it would be to state that I know something that is so important to grasp. The problem is language. There are cages, hamster wheels and limits that we all experience but, to me, the fences around language and communications are the most intriguing.  If you want to find me in my cage you need to follow that infernal scratching. You must look for a pile of torn paper; that billowing pile of scraps that I burrow under. That will be me digging at the fence of words.  

I am aware of “too exuberant” and slightly vague, but every attempt is made to contain this with objectivity.  This does not always work. It is the way of human language. It does help to attempt to control tongue and pen; to at least try to stay within the lines of observations. The problem is that what I observe is pretty exciting and at first glance, looks like an explosion of adjectives and run on sentences. I am at times tempted to elaborate and to build a theory or a reason for what I see, to use scientific language or to cloth those observations in doctrine but I am happy to say I have resisted this urge.