Marie Knapp

In 1984, I started graduate school in Toronto because I was ready for a change.  I had been teaching nursing at the local small community college. I was excited to broaden my perspective but had no idea how much that would open me up to an entirely new view of the world. 

I gained confidence in my own point of view and stopped feeling compelled to agree or adopt what I was taught. Perhaps The Path To A More Inspiring Future will do that for you.

Meanwhile I also began experiencing a new kind of leadership, inspirational leadership, in retreats with Lance Secretan. I retired from the college in the Fall of 2001. I led some retreats myself; I taught a few courses in the Ryerson University outreach Post RN BScN program; I learned more energy healing modalities and became a Reiki Teacher/Practitioner. Life was expanding.

Now, the current state of the world was the impetus to write. I had two main principles I intended to follow.  Change has to begin with you, the reader, first concentrating on your inner self. I wanted to follow Gandhi’s lead that we have to become the change we want to see in the world. Secondly I know that it has to end with action and another beginning.  Simply  pondering the concepts presented in the book is just not enough. 

The world is not a happy place. You can make a difference. I want to inspire you and others to make the future more inspiring. I want our grandchildren to live in a future that inspires them to live their potential and contribute to making the world a better place.  Do what is most meaningful to you, what you are passionate about. Read the book, follow the process, and commit to the first step on the path to a more inspiring future. I am there with you.

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