The Path to a More Inspiring Future


The Path to a More Inspiring Future is built on the author’s vision and desire for a more inspiring future for all, thus helping to change the world. She references other authors, lyrics to popular songs, personal life experiences, and stories from others who have followed a personally inspiring path. The reader is invited to read introductory and concluding poems the author has written that can be used as a meditation or prayer. Each section also ends with several reflective questions for the reader to contemplate and journal about.

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The current state of the world was her impetus to write. Marie Knapp did graduate studies related to adult learning and meaning in life.  She starts the book with a strong and compelling vision for herself and the world. It is a book about collaboration, humanity, making changes and being true to your dreams. Marie had two main principles she intended to follow.  Change has to begin with you, the reader, first concentrating on your inner self. She wanted to follow Gandhi’s lead that we have to become the change we want to see in the world. Secondly she knows that it has to end with action and another beginning.  Simply pondering the concepts presented in the book is just not enough.

The world is not an inspiring place for many. You can make a difference. She wants to guide you and others to make the future more inspiring. She wants the grandchildren, hers and yours, to live in a future that inspires them to live their potential and continue contributing to making the world a better place. 

Testimonial by Pat Lang, Retired College President, Member of the Order of Canada

“What becomes evident in reading Marie’s book, “The Path to a more Inspiring Future”, is that the framework she presents is totally congruent with her values, beliefs, and daily practices.  She effectively encourages and challenges us to celebrate both the beauty around us and to create a vision for our own future.

“She courageously uses her personal experiences and those of others as a foundation of hope and clarity to guide our own successful pursuit.  Further, she crafts thoughtful exercises in each chapter to facilitate a greater integration and understanding of ourselves as well as a context for understanding others. 

“She succinctly provides us with a “Path to a More Inspiring Future”.”

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