Manuscript & Book Development

This unique services pairs you with an experienced writer who acts as a coach, helping you to organize your materials, structure research, plan your book content and help you during the writing process. They will help you define your expectations and help you overcome what is holding you back. Writers have different goals and not all works are destined to become best sellers, but that doesn’t mean they are not legitimate books.

Editing and proofreading are an essential element of readying your book for print and can be contracted separately if you feel comfortable with the writing. This service may be provided by your writing coach or a dedicated proofreader.

In addition to working with a writing coach, you will work a graphic designer that will develop the layout of the book and design the cover. We have provided a lot of practical tips for cover design that you should consider before talking to our designer.

These services are offered at an hourly of fixed price contract. The best approach will be determined before work begins.

Contact us with information about your project.