Traditional vs Self-Publishing

Traditional publishing can be a lengthy and difficult process. Publishers bear the costs of cost of design and production and must allow for the risk of a publication not selling. They require a sizeable percentage of the revenue and are less likely to accept works from unknown authors or books that have a limited market potential. With thousands of authors pounding on publisher doors daily it can be a daunting task to get your work published. Even with traditional publishers, authors may be asked to contribute part of the startup and promotion expenses personally.

Self-publishing means that you bear the costs of the design and production of your book but you retain a higher share of the profit. This is the only option available to most new authors. Frequently called “vanity publishing” it was equated with poor quality and limited sales. Self-publishing has gained new credibility in the last few years as new technology allows for smaller print runs, faster production times and many well-known authors choosing this method. The title “vanity publishing” no longer applies. With self-publishing, you retain both creative and artistic control over your work, subject to any legal and social constraints that may apply.


Although self-publishing is the rage, you may prefer to have us provide the service, We can help you register your book, obtain an ISBN number and assure that it has all of the necessary information to meet distribution standards.


Getting your book into the hands of readers is one of your biggest challenges. Selling through bookstores, especially the chains is quite unlikely unless you have obtained significant publicity or are already a known author. Therefore, you will need to use one of the numerous on-line services such as Amazon.

Our Storefront

Using our on-line portal we provide you a means for potential buyers to get more information and order a copy. We maintain 10-20 copies of your book for prompt order fulfillment and look after the payment, shipping and handling. Every month we issue you a record of all books sold and send you an electronic payment. Fees are dependent on the book size, type and sales volume and usually calculated as a percentage of the cover price. Prices are typically in the range of 25 – 30% of the cover price.