Still Locked Down


A modern work in the classic Haiku poetic form that is humorous, thought-provoking and unique.

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This book is an observation of the first year of the Covid 19 Pandemic from the point of view of my “Doghouse”.  Please bear in mind that my wife and had no kids to home school because of closures, no loss of work due to quarantines or restrictions.  We always have worked from home together and, as gardeners, the work is pretty solitary.  This pandemic was not hard on us and there was in fact some joy in how it helped us reflect and refocus.  That is not the case for everyone.  It was a tough year.

I wrote one haiku to my worker who had forgotten a key task and was full of apologies.  A worker who had earlier almost begged to come back to work though she earned more from the relief cheques.   My thoughts go out to people like this.  To those who lived in apartments, who had to juggle work and family in ways they never imagined.  This book is not perhaps the best choice to buy for you though it is quite frankly a good book and it does reference many of the new phrases that were added to our vocabulary this year, making it a great historical book to reference.  Hopefully one day we can forget the “six-foot” rule.  (the haiku I wrote for my worker (and friend)

she walks ten dogs
every now and then
the leashes tangle

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Michael Schepers