Pencilling It In


Pencilling It In is a book published by Islay Graham and Jiya Kukreja highlighting 27 stories of first-generation immigrants within the Grey and Bruce Counties. It emphasizes the opportunities available in the area, while serving as an inspiration to newcomers. It is hoped that community members become more aware of the resources available in these counties to help others in their immigration journey.

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Islay and Jiya published this book with the inspiration of their background stories as first-generation immigrants. The Pencil Project initiative encouraged newcomers to share personal stories about how they successfully made Grey and Bruce Counties their permanent home. All stories were sought, but not limited by culture, age, or settlement history. Themes of resilience, the benefits of education, and the desire for safety and freedom emerged in the collected interviews. Selected stories were published in book form. The goal of the initiative was to provide libraries in Grey and Bruce counties with a copy of the book for circulation. As well, copies were given to local Welcoming Centres for use by their clients. These published stories served to emphasize the many contributions of newcomers to these communities and to show others that this is an area of opportunity. The book features key resources available in the counties that can aid with various aspects of one’s immigration journey.

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Islay Graham, Jiya Kukreja