Thurman Cartooning & Drawing Series


The Thurman drawing series geared for children teaching the drawing and storyboarding principles that are fundamental to comic books and graphic novels. Contains lessons on perspective, viewpoint, drawing techniques and storyboarding.

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All three of the Thurman drawing series are geared to young readers wanting to understand the fundamentals of drawing and cartooning. The easy to follow text combined with the wonderful illustrations make these important concepts come to life.

Learn how to research people and places, organize rough sketches and choose the most dramatic point of view. These simple procedures will help you bring characters and stories to life, make your letters “boom!” and your posters “shout”. Combine collage techniques with drawing to bring patterns, textures, photos and graphics to create attention-getting illustrations. The step-by-step instructions teach the fundamentals of storyboarding and creating your own picture book.

About the Author

Mark Thurman’s first children’s book was published in 1979 and since then he has has produced 23 of his own titles books and illustrated and designed 26 books for other authors. He co-authored and illustrated 153 episodes of the “Mighty Mites” Comic in OWL Magazine from 1976 to 1991. Mark has visited hundreds of schools across Canada teaching young students the fundamentals of drawing and cartooning – many of the same things covered in his books. Mark has taught at Central Technical School in Toronto, Toronto school of Art, OCA, and at Sheridan College in the Animation Program since 2002. The Osborne Collection of early children’s books -Toronto Public Library, has an extensive collection of Mark Thurman book illustration materials.



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