Soul Incomplete


This is a collection of poems and memoirs.The poems were written over many years. I became aware that I was writing poetry after my sisters requested that I read to them my poems. The memoirs were written more recently. There may be more in the future, but the intention next is to write about listening.
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I mention in the introduction to my book that speaking was not my first language. In fact, I was not speaking at all by the time I reached twenty. This book was not an intention to write, nor do I see myself as a writer, so much as a collection of observations and experiences.I also needed to put my memoirs out into the fresh air so they weren’t sitting in a dark room. The memoirs which began in prose, very quickly began to feel too heavy and so I began to write my life-story in verse.

I guess I needed to include in the memoirs that they were not being written with bitterness, blame or with revenge. If fact none of that was in my heart. Creating this book was a process of painting a picture and enjoying the process, even though the story is not without pain.If the telling of this story helps just one person, I am so eternally grateful.


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Diana Griffin