Flight Manual – Book 3


The third book in a series from author Sylvia Bucek exploring the meaning of life and spiritual that awaits us all. Thought-provoking, imaginative and insightful.

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Legend has it that lost Paradise will surface on the planet in the end days. Nowadays there are whisperings that it has, indeed, surfaced in an area that remains the best kept secret of all time.

Lately Stephanie is experiencing flashbacks of lost Paradise. She begins to recall a blessed time, it seems like eons ago in ancient Earth’s history, when people were living in accord with the laws of the Universe. They had the ability to appear and disappear at will; they had mastered atomic energy, possessed telepathic and clairvoyant skills and knew how to control technology with their mind. They dreamed ahead to the end of time when they would return to the Motherland as though from On High. These days Stephanie remembers part of the dream…“Your body will grow old and die, but your soul will take flight. Like a butterfly in its new body, you will carry on,” her Higher Self had whispered to her dreaming self once upon a time.

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Sylvia Bucek